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An orientation programme was organized for the newly admitted postgraduate students and their parents by Dr. G. D.Pol Foundation's YMT Dental College and Hospital. Respected Dean Dr. Meghna Vandekar Madam addressed the students and their parents. She welcomed them to the ever growing YMT family and guided them about their journey of postgraduation. A short presentation about the campus, its infrastructure and other facilities available for students was also shown to the students. All the Heads of Departments introduced their respective departments with the routine activities. 
The programme also included a session where the parents and the students could freely interact with the faculty members.
In addition the Heads of the Departments also gave insights about the various aspects of the post graduate curriculum. 
We welcome the post graduates and wish them the very best in this journey of post graduate learning.


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Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word "yuj"; and means union of the individual consciousness or soul with the Universal Consciousness or Spirit. It also denotes the confluence of mind,body and soul.
International Yoga Day was celebrated by the staff and the students of YMTDC with enthusiasm. Warm up exercises were taken and various yogaasanas were performed , importance of which were explained simultaneously by the yoga gurus; Rupa Chapalgaonkar, Uma Sharma and Merlyn Janardhan.The celebration included synchronized chanting of the Gayatri Mantra.
Regular practice of yoga will surely help our staff and students to achieve a better life, physically, mentally and spiritually.

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We at YMTDC believe in learning new skills and keeping ourselves updated..!

A 3 days extensive workshop on “Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis” was conducted from 29th -31st May 2019 , in collaboration with Faculty of Evidence Based Education System Unit of Sumandeep University of Vadodara.The faculty members for the workshop were our in house faculty;Dr.Ashwin.M.Jawdekar,

Dr. Amar Katre and Dr. Dhiraj Kalra.

Guest faculty from Vadodra were Dr. Prasad Muley, Dr. Arti Muley and

Dr. Monali Shah.The workshop was accredited with 18 CDE points from MSDC.

Dr. Ashish Diwekar from Nashik was the appointed MSDC observer.

Our college staff and MDS students are now trained to carry out Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.

It was a very well designed and informative workshop and a great learning experience for the participants.

Sincere thanks to the management and patrons Dr. G.D.Pol and Dr.Kavita Pol, dean Dr.Meghna Vandekar and the organising team comprising of Dr. Amar Katre, Dr.Ashwin Jawdekar, Dr. Dhiraj Kalra and Dr.Purvi Bhate, the postgraduates of Department of Pedodontics and the student council members.

Kudos to the organising team for putting up such a well appreciated workshop.

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MUHS FOUNDATION DAY", was celebrated at YMT Dental College and Hospital on 10th June 2019. To mark the occasion, an event was organized which was marked by Flag Hoisting followed by MUHS anthem. 
It was attended by the teaching and non-teaching staff and also by the students. 
We are proud to be a part of Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS),Nashik.


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